Get The Best Charge!
Battery Tender by Deltran is a forty-seven year family owned and operated business taking great pride in outstanding customer service.  They strategically remain to emphasize breakthroughs, client satisfaction and Performance is Their Way of Life. 
This is a Battery product line that not only continues to stand behind their products but also enhances their techniques and new technologies in practically all aspects of their charging system engineering, manufacturing, and quality management system to achieve the most affordable configurations in their product. 
You will be satisfied Well After the Sale!

 Why the Battery Tender vs. Conventional chargers ?

The entire Battery Tender line is designed to maintain and fully charge a wide range of styles of lead acid batteries avoiding any potential of damaging effects caused by most trickle chargers.  You just Set It and Forget It!

    Check out some of the Features the Charging system-
·   It is Lightweight and the Compact Construction offers the highest charging power density at any given power level in the industry.
·  When the charge is complete, the units automatically     switches voltage output into a safe storage level.  That means you won’t need to be constantly checking on your battery charge. 
·   At Low AC line conditions it gives you a full output power AC line voltage of 90VAC.  This includes chargers with output current of 2 amps or less.
·  Colored lights indicate the progress of the charge.
·  There is a zero draw current from the battery when the AC power is disconnected.
As you can see these fast-charging convenient chargers are the top pick for Collectors, Dealers and Fleet owners.  You will be able to Save Thousands of Dollars in replacement batteries with these state-of the-art high performing charging systems!
                  KEEPING YOU IN CHARGE!
Listed below are a few models available~
For Automobiles: If you aren’t driving your vehicle on a daily basis this is great for you!   There are automotive applications from classic cars, luxury automobiles to diesel trucks and all those in the middle. 

Make sure your toys are ready to rock n roll when you are!  Great for your Motorcycle, ATVSnowmobiles, Jet Skis, and Scooters.

Charge and maintain your Recreational Vehicles starter and coach batteries with the easy to hook-up multi-bank system, it has an auto switch to float that avoids over-charging.  Your Recreational Vehicle, Camper Trailer and 5th Wheel will be ready for your next adventure!
Commercial-Industrial:  Sweepers, Scissor Lifts, Forklifts Generators and any heavy equipment including applications of 6,12,24,36, and 48v systems!

Don’t get stuck on the dock when everyone else is having fun…..
Whether it's your Trolling Motor, Engine start or accessory battery, there is a 'Waterproof' charging solution for you!  They are vibration and shock resistant, either portable for permanent mounting and less than 4lb.
Stay Charged through the off-season!
Replacing your Lawn Mower, Feeder or Tractor equipment on your Farm & Garden batteries year after year isn't fun or efficient. Great for all heavy equipment applications.

As you can see there is a make and model that perfectly charges whatever type of battery you have.

Plan your next outdoor adventure knowing that your toys and vehicles will Start Up First Time Every Time whether you are heading out solo or planning a fun family trip! 
 Go ahead and Save Time and Money by stretching your battery life up to 3 times with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty!